Step 1: Free Consultation

Getting to our team is the first step in building the trust necessary to allow our team to take you through this renovation. We explore the reasons behind your desire to renovate and develop and an idea of your project must-haves. During this initial meeting, we build an understanding of the limitations imposed by the existing space. Before we progress into any brainstorming, we explore your project budget to ensure our suggestions provide cost-effective solutions that ensure every dollar goes as far as possible.

Package Includes

Company Info Document
Contractor Checklist
Client Requirement Outline
Project Scope of Changes
Rough Project Budget

Step 2: Design It

During the initial phase of the design, you and our designer will work together to collaborate on an idea board. Bouncing ideas & pictures back and forth developing a picture understanding of your tastes for the space. Once a suitable design foundation has been created the floor plan will begin to take shape incorporating the features into 3d Renderings. This provides the foundation necessary to begin to create a detailed list of the various fixtures and finishes that truly make the space yours.

Package Includes

Floorplans & Elevations
3D Renderings
Detailed Budget Breakdown
Material & Finishes Spec Sheet
Client Requirement Checklist

Step 3: Plan It

Eliminating surprises mid-project is difficult but through sufficient planning, the impacts of these surprises can be mitigated. Onsite meetings with the trades involved in the project allows our team to create a detailed schedule and provide a more accurate estimate. Preliminary site work such as asbestos testing and structural engineering/review may also be completed to ensure the project does not experience any delays during the demo stage.

Package Includes

Project Build Timeline
Accurate Project Estimate
Preliminary Project Testing
Design Re-Finalization
Rough Project Budget

Step 4: Build It

After all of the planning has been completed, our team will create a final proposal & contract outlining the project start and completion dates, along with a payment schedule built around each stage of the project. Our project managers will document each aspect of the project and ensure it is completed as planned, meeting with the various city inspectors to properly explain the scope of work being completed.

Package Includes

Project Contract
Warranty Information
Payment Schedule
Project Completion Schedule
Onsite Project Manager

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Updating a old kitchen is a quick and inexpensive option to transform the look and usability of your home. With 3D renderings our team can provide indepth planning ensuring your new kitchen not only looks amazing but functions better then before.

Full House

Projects that touch every room in the house provide outstanding value. Allowing your home to be tailored to your unqiue requirments while updating often outdated layouts provides a boost to your homes re-sale value.


Bathroom renovations are a cost effective way to improve the comfort of your home. Our experienced team can guide you through the transformation process with the visual aid of detailed plans and 3d renderings.

Basement Development

Developing your basement can provide much needed space for your home as your family grows. Our team can provide valuable insights into getting the most out of this sometimes underutilized space.

Secondary Suite

Looking for supplementry income from a legal secondary suite? Our team has indepth knowlage of the requirements to ensure your suite is not only completley legal and rentable but to ensure it provides a solid ROI over your expected ownership period.


For additional storage or simply to keep the snow off your vehcile a garage is a must in our climate. With many different construction options available our team can find the right solution that fits your budget.

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