Our Story

The Start

Tyvan Contracting is a division of Tyvan Industries Inc. A Calgary based company founded by Tyler Hinrichsen & Evan Lundgren in 2014. Their entrepreneurial energy drove them to create this company allowing them to build a team of people that share their drive to achieve excellence.

The Rough

After only 1 full year in business they had grown to a team of 6, when the economic powerhouse Alberta relied on for 30 years was removed from the equation. Not only did these young entrepreneurs have to learn the ins and outs of running a business, they had to fight experienced companies for the limited work available. This created an business environment that required efficient business operations, competitive pricing and a high customer conversion rate. Things even many experienced companies failed to achieve.

The Success

By investing thousands of hours, reinvesting much of their sometimes limited income and retaining their relentless drive to sucseed through the less then ideal economic times, they have created a company that truley reflects their personalities. Each division of Tyvan is known for delivering outstanding quality, going the extra mile on each project, showing up on-time and staying late when it is required. Many clients comment they never see us even stop for lunch.

The Future

The drive to grow and expand is the foundation of Tyvan Industries Inc. Our team of dependable individuals share our goal of building long term relationships with our clients by delivering quality work combined with exceptional customer service. With plans to expand into custom home building, the future at Tyvan will hold many new and exciting projects allowing our team to continue to deliver innovative solutions our clients love.

Calgary Skyline
  • 2014

    Company Founded

    Founded to facilitate a shared dream of building a team comprised of individuals that share our drive for excellence and are in it for the long run. Operating as a two-man team for the first year, the founders quickly learned just how rewarding business ownership is.

  • 2015

    LT Becomes Tyvan

    As the business grew during both the summer & winter seasons, we soon realized we had outgrown our initial vision. With a wide variety of work & workers, the decision was made to separate the company into separate divisions allowing each to focus on their niche.

  • 2016

    Economic Uncertainty

    Due to reduced consumer spending, continued economic uncertainty competition for jobs increased greatly. Our solution to focus on educating our clients about our by the book's operational methods, driving home the value we deliver on every project.

  • 2018

    Continued Growth

    Through the combined effort of our team, we continued to grow despite the economy. We outgrew our yard that we had operated from since the beginning, expanding into a new location that will allow us to continue our path to success.