Covewood Green Renovation

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Covewood Green Renovation

A main floor remodel with new finishes throughout the first and second floor. The focus of the renovation was on the kitchen and living space. We removed a demising wall to open the kitchen peninsula to the rest of the main floor space. The main floor lino and carpeting was removed to install new vinyl flooring. The bathrooms received new cabinetry, mirrors, and fixtures. A re-orientation of the laundry room with custom cabinets and butcher block counter & shelving. We removed the existing built-in entertainment & fireplace surround, replacing with a beautiful feature wall and reclaimed wood mantel. Added to the main floor patio were beautiful french doors which opened up the sightline to the back of the house and brought in new rays of light not experienced in this home. 

Project Details

Client name:
The Coates'
Covewood Green
July 2019
Full House
Niche reDesign

The Challenge

This renovation was a more straight forward process as much of the project was planned and discussed well in advance of the start date. However, the clients had elected to live in the basement during the build process which posed its own restrictions on-site conditions. Things such as working hours, optimal dust and debris collection and unintended changes midway were some of the factors that had required extra attention.

Our Solution

Working closely with the designer and clients to narrow down exactly what would bring the most joy to their home renovation was key to ensuring optimal functionality with quality finishes that matched with the budget. After careful planning, it was determined that the family room & Kitchen were to be the focus of the project as this was deemed the most valuable family space where everyone in the home would be able to enjoy for many years to come. With precise timelines for all sub-trades and Tyvan employees, we were able to ensure a smooth build process that minimized trade overlap to ensure everyone was able to complete their scope when required.

The Result

A beautiful transformation from dated to desirable for the whole family to enjoy. With bright white finishes and a new patio door, new light was shed on this family home that not only brought everyone closer to home but allowed the space to flow naturally as everyone could move about their day freely. Either lounging in the family room, preparing a family meal or doing simple chores, everything was planned to encompass a togetherness of community within the home.