Bonavista Bathroom Renovation

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Bonavista Bathroom Renovation

Serving as the main bathroom for the lower floors of a split level home this space desperately needed an uplift in functionality and appearance. Working directly with the client to plan a bathroom that best suited the needs of the family. Taking out the prefab tub and taking most of the walls down to studs allowed for free control over mechanical placement and fixture locations. Moving the toilet and removing a built in linen closet allowed for a walk in shower with frameless glass enclosure.

Project Details

Client name:
The Hongs'
Deer Run
March 2016

The Challenge

However small one may thing a bathroom renovation may be there is plenty of potential for issues along the way. One instance was the requested curbless walk in shower being an absolute must but due to the existing structural framing it wasn’t possible to recess the shower base into the floor.

Our Solution

Tyvan was able to build up the floor in such a manner that allowed proper slope and drainage of the shower pan while still maintaining near maximum ceiling height without sacrificing functionality of the shower system.

The Result

At the end of the project we left a gorgeous bathroom that had complete new finishes from the toilet and sink to a stunning glass panel that captures the wow factor with one glance. Through high quality system prep and outstanding tile work the final product is a space that flows naturally and completely utilizes every square inch of the room.