The Team

Tyler Hinrichsen

Owner - Project Manager

Many would describe him as a "workaholic" overly passionate about developing his ideas. His unending desire to learn new skills and apply them to his business has fueled steady growth even through the economic downturn Alberta experienced shortly after the company was founded.

Evan Lundgren

Owner - VP & Operations Manager

Through the combined effort of our team we continued to grow despite the economy. We outgrew our yard that we had operated from since the beginning, expanding into a new location that will allow us to continue our path to success.

Sylvia Doaust

Designer - Niche reDesign

We are thrilled to have Sylvia Daoust on our team! She brings passion and experience in the construction industry, as well as innovative design solutions for every space. Sylvia is brought into each project right from the start, establishing a collaborative design process with a perfect balance of professionalism and approachability. Her commitment to each project, from concept to completion, creates a positive working relationship and trust with every member of the team.


Lead Carpenter

Spencer Hansen

General Laborer


General Laborer